Thursday, September 29, 2011

Once More with Less Feeling

Once, I loved music. 
Now it seems lost in the din 
of life's symphony.

    When I was young, music was very important to me. I constantly had to have music playing, whether I was working, driving, walking or having sex. I really identified with the lyrics and the sounds of the songs made me have strong emotional reactions. I can't believe how much of an effect that it had on me in many ways.

    These days, however, I don't really take much time for music. Occasionally I'll get in the mood to listen, but I mainly play things I liked back when I loved music. It's not that I think today's music is crap, like some old fart (which I am). Like so many people in the world, I just don't care enough to get to know it. I'm busy. I'm stressed. And I find it more and more difficult to relate to any of the poetry I hear in music, even in the songs I used to love. 

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