Monday, March 30, 2015

Little dog, big attitude

Beware of small dog
little dog, big attitude
you’d better watch out!

-November 2013


You toss a grenade
every time you get shot
even without need.

-November 2013


Take and take and take
you never consider how
it hurts us to give

-November 2013

Seeing red

You republicans
stupid greedy elephants
you don’t care at all.

-November 2013


Ankle pain is throbbing
dull ache like a cavity
I get no comfort

-November 2013


Class is so boring
I slump and nod off again
thank GOD for Haikus!

-November 2013

Blackboard training days

Blackboard training days.
Fourteen hours in a classroom.
Rather be working.

-November 2013

Warming up

Warm-ups are needed
so you don’t hurt anything.
Tendonitis sucks.

-November 2013


Nose tingling explosions.
Aww, now my arm’s wet!

-November 2013


Coffee wakes you up
Tastes like a litter box treat
no yums, but I’m up!

Invisible me

Feeling pretty down.
But don't want to bother you.
I'll just disappear.

-November 2012


Reading old Haikus.
I was once in a dark place.
It's much brighter now.


Medicated mind
disguising my self loathing.
Only camouflage.

-September 2012


Clenching and pinching
talons perforate my heart.
Scars will never heal.

-September 2012


Maybe I'm dying.
Drained of life and energy.
Should I even care?

-September 2012


The dark place beckons.
My spirit is spiraling.
Must keep it inside.

-September 2012

Snark license

Weakness. Pain. Despair. 
Melodramatic license
for snarky wall posts.

-September 2012

Why bother?

Why bother trying?
Nothing I do is enough.
I think I give up.

-September 2012

Repeating mistakes

Repeating mistakes.
How can I fix my problems
when the problem's me?

-September 2012

Girly Squirrely

My little girly
fills my heart with pride and love.
My little squirrel.

-July 2012

It's not about the nail

Speaking my problems
doesn't mean I need your help.
I just want to vent.

-July 2102

The endless sleep

You worry because
I long for the endless sleep.
If only I could.

July 2012

Through a dark place

Why bother living
in this ugly, vicious world
among the madness?
All that I have done
has only led to more pain.
Surely, it MUST end!
Enduring in this
struggle for love and justice.
Is it worth the price?
My heart is so tired.
It beats my soul, but for what?
Because I love you.

-July 2012

Summer wind

The summer wind blew
sudden and violent gails.
The storm loved us not.

Stupid or insane?

Stupid or insane?
She repeats the same mistakes
Over and over.

-June 2012

I see the people

I see the people.
Sometimes I wonder if they
feel like crying too.

-January, 2012

Rowan, why?

You were family.
With us for more than 10 years.
Why did you leave us?


Our cat, Rowan, ran away. And we found her. And she ran away again. 

-October, 2012

Line of Thrones

At the throne I sit
Concentrating with intent
Of pinching one off.